Military Benefits



Volvo Military Sales has been serving the US military community since the mid-1950s. The Volvo Military Sales Program is one of the most comprehensive on the market, designed to make your purchase safe and convenient. Created specifically for those serving overseas (logistically supported under individual SOFA agreements), Volvo Military Sales program offers tax free prices that can be up to 15% lower than Stateside MSRP.

Volvo Military Sales Benefits are global in the spirit of those who serve globally and start at Delivery. Local dealers in respective countries serve our customers for the duration of their overseas tours.

The Home Shipment Service ships our customers‘ vehicles to a dealer of their choice who prepares the vehicle for delivery with minimal hassle and inconvenience.


Access Volvo USA Build Your Own Volvo site and save your choice.
Send us the code and we will send you an estimate at the Military Price.
Compare than make up your mind!

Factory Delivery with free travel (for 2) and free overnight hotel accomodations (for 2) in Gothenberg which includes:

** Transfer & Customs fees are assessed at drop off terminals. The Military Program Is Offered To:US Armed Forces (Navy, Army, Marine Corps, Air Force) in Europe:

  • Active Duty in Europe 

  • DOD civilians in Europe

  • DODDEA employees in Europe

  • Contractors under full logistic support and eligible for tax-free